Monday, March 28, 2016

A FEW THINGS ABOUT... Cadbury Creme Eggs

Hershey's USA creme egg to the left
and the UK Cadbury creme egg to the right
Creme Eggs are produced by Cadbury UK in the United Kingdom and by Cadbury Adams in Canada.

They are sold by Mondel─ôz International in all markets except the US, where the Hershey Company has the local marketing rights. At the Bournville factory in Birmingham, in the UK, they are manufactured at a rate of 1.5 million per day.

The Creme Egg was also previously manufactured in New Zealand but, since 2009, they are imported from the UK.

(click to enlarge)

How they are made:

So if you thought all that gooey fondant was injected into Cadbury's chocolate Easter eggs - think again. Turns out the white-and-yellow filling is in fact, placed inside two halves of the egg, which are sandwiched together to make a whole (check out the video below).

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