Friday, November 27, 2015

RANDOM FACT #22 - An American Dad Named His Sons 'WINNER' and 'LOSER'

It all started back in 1958 when a New York man named Robert Lane decided to call his baby son Winner. 3 years later, another son was born.

Loser said of his brother: "Most of the crimes are minor crimes. He's just kooky, not a heavy drinker, some domestic violence problems, but was never a heavy drinker, never into drugs ... He's just not all there, I think."

As this true story goes, three years after Winner was born their late father, Robert Lane, had another son. He asked his daughter what to name the baby. My dad comes home and asks my oldest sister what to name me and she said, 'Well, we've got a Winner, why don't we have a Loser?' And there you go."

"When you're young you don't know that it's a bad name, and by the time you hit grade school, everybody knows you. It was a regular thing," Loser Lane said.

While Loser's friends had no problem calling him by his name, his teachers and other adults "couldn't bring themselves to call me Loser", so he became Lou.

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